Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

How Do I Get the TED™ Title Rebate?
Follow these instructions–
1. Make sure we are designated as the closing attorney in your purchase and sale agreement. If you need help with this, please contact us, since we are more than happy to assist.

2. You must tell us you wish to get the TED™. You (or your lender or realtor) must order title using this website. This allows us to efficiently process your file.
Do All Closings Qualify for the TED™ Title Rebate?
Currently, the TED™ title rebate is only available for residential property closings involving a refinance closing. Purchase transactions coming soon!
What Do the Disclosed Fees Include?
All “ordinary and customary” closing costs.
The flat fee includes all usual and customary buyer / borrower items including all closing fees, incoming wires, couriers, title examination and title policy.

Please note that the closing fee allocates a metro Atlanta priced title search fee. Properties outside metro Atlanta and surrounding counties may incur a surcharge.

Actual recording charges are estimated and vary depending upon the number of documents recorded as well as the number of pages. The fees disclosed are conservative estimates and actual clerk charges may be higher, particularly if the property is located in more than one county.

In a refinance transaction only, our fees include up to two mortgage lien payoffs and a single fed wire of cash out funds.
What Do the Disclosed Fees Exclude?
Certain “à la carte” items.
The disclosed fees exclude items such as simultaneous second mortgage loan packages, powers of attorney, mailaway fees (if applicable), title clearance (if applicable), lien payoff items which must be sent by overnight courier service.
How Soon Should I Order Title?
As soon as your mortgage loan application is signed.
Be sure to designate our firm as the closing attorney in your purchase and sale agreement.

If you are refinancing a property, contact us before you sign the final application materials so we can assist in coordinating with your mortgage lender.